1D imagine: (They All Get Nervous Around You)
*no one’s pov*
Harry: “Guys, guys, act natural she’s coming over here.” *poses awkwardly*
Zayn: “Aw shit.” *smiles giddily and pretends to look at perfume*
Naill: “Oh my god, she looks so good.” *rolls up sleeves to show off muscles*
Liam: “Guys, shut it!” *pretends to analyze a perfume box*
Louis: “Wahoo!” *fails to jump and click his heels*
You: *walks over and looks around at them being dorks* “Are you all okay?”
Naill: *blurts out* “Your hair looks pretty!”
Louis: “I told him to say that.” *smirks*
Zayn: *mumbles* “You’re really cute…”
Liam: “Don’t mind them, they’re idiots.” *smiles nervously*
Harry: *stares at you while biting his lip* “I like your..face.” *smiles cheekily*
You: *looks around at all of them with wide confused eyes* “I’ll take that as a no then…”

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#imagine: going on car trip with Harry. “Say hi!”

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Anonymous whispered:
how long is your dick? ;)


Let me check 😏

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Okay I’m about to pass out so night everyone. I love you all 😚 💕

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